ChetComm, LLC

The human spirit has within it an innate desire for greatness. We yearn to do something amazing, to improve the lives of others, and to change the world. We believe that a company can make a difference in the human experience for their customers. We believe that a company can make the difference between a life lived and a life lived well. We believe that a company can help you have a better life.

At ChetComm, we are that company.

By designing and producing products that we ourselves desire and use, we put our very best into everything we do. We believe that it’s our duty to use our knowledge, skills, and abilities to improve the lives of those around us. Every project begins with our end goal: to make your life better. We start with an idea, we focus the scope, we refine the vision, and then we deliver excellence.

We are an independent multimedia publishing and iOS application development firm.

We are ChetComm, LLC and we make nice things.

Catholic Husband Blog

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Catholic Husband encourages Catholic husbands and fathers to better understand and embrace their role in the family so that they can serve with confidence, strength, and virtue.

Catholic Husband Podcast

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As the Catholic Husband brand has grown, it became apparent that there needed to be more ways to reach Catholics. The podcast is an answer to that question. New episodes are released every other Tuesday.

Grant Us Peace

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Grant Us Peace
is a 21-day guided spiritual reboot.

Released: December 9, 2014

The Transition: A Practical Guide to Engagement for the Catholic Man

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The Transition: A Practical Guide to Engagement for the Catholic Man
lays out a roadmap to help Catholic men navigate their engagement with confidence.

Released: March 19, 2014

Lost Sheep App

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Lost Sheep is an iOS app that follows the story of Louie, the sheep who wandered off, only to be later rescued by the Good Shepherd. Lost Sheep is an app designed to be a companion for the Sacrament of Reconciliation

Mygraine App

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Mygraine, an iOS app, is our first app that is currently under development. Mygraine is a headache diary app designed to help headache patients better track their responses to treatment therapies.

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